Hauntedweb Haunted Attraction - The Fear is Real

Memphis’ premier haunted attraction, Hauntedweb, returns this fall bigger, scarier, and more intense than ever before! New terrifying environments to explore, horrifying creatures to encounter in the darkness and blood thirsty demons that are dying to feast on your fears! A brain bashing, fear soaked, run for your life haunted attraction experience that will scare you to the core! The Fear is REAL!!




New for 2019

Two brand new haunted houses await you at Hauntedweb. Fill your prescription for terror at the Slotch Sanitarium and let us lobotomize that fear right out of your system! Will it hurt? Well, not for us! Want more fear? Come join our party in 3-D at the all new Sector 23, a menagerie of fear, lust, and fluffy stuff. A tormented trip through a warped factory that has turned the party dial to max! All the glitter and gore!

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Five Attractions - One Location

Hauntedweb features five movie quality haunted attractions that are "must see" horror masterpieces. Detailed sets, talented actors, skilled makeup artist, and more all come together to bring Memphis a world class haunted house experience that you have never experienced before and must see to believe. Intense, heart pounding thrills and horror litter this hour long experience that will push you to the edge of insanity and throw you over.

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Tickets and Admission

Gear up for fear and get your tickets now to Memphis´ most extreme haunted attraction. Buy your tickets online now or at the box office. What are you waiting for? General admission tickets start at just $25.



Hauntedweb is conveniently located at the corner of Perkins and 240. 2665 S. Perkins Road, Memphis, TN 38117.