Five Times The Fear!

Do you have what it takes to face five terrifying haunted attractions back to back in this pulse pounding, non-stop, in your face terror?

5 Haunted Attractions, 1 low price of $25


2019 Hauntedweb Tickets

Buy tickets to Tennessee’s premier haunted attraction, Hauntedweb, featuring five gut wrenching, scream bloody murder, haunted attractions that will leave you crying in a corner and in search of a change of underwear. Hauntedweb is Memphis´ largest, most terrifying haunted house and is all indoors. Get your fear on this fall at Hauntedweb.


2019 Ticket pricing

General Admission - 5 Haunted Attractions

$25 per person

Fast Pass Admission – $15 additional fee – allows you to skip all of the lines. Don’t want to wait in line? Let any of our staff know that you want to purchase a Fast Pass. This pass will be sold on site only for $15 and allows you to move to the front of the line at the box office and all 5 Haunts! Not available online but available on location!

Group tickets – groups of 12 or more – must be purchased at the box office onsite. Not available online. Not available after October 20th.



Special Event - Lights Out

Lights out dates are November 1 & 2
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. $25 admission
Dare to join us for a challenging Lights Out tour. You and your group will be given a small candle and must find your way out of the haunted house.