Two Nights Only - February 16th and 17th


For the love of the scare! Join us this February for our BRAND NEW Valentine's haunt; Cupid's Curse. This horrifying haunted Valentine's experience is adrenaline filled, heart pounding excursion through "The Residence" with insane Valentine's creatures dying to break your little heart in two. Cupid's Curse features four thrilling new ticketing options for this event only that allow you to decide if you enter with just one or maybe two of your friends. That's right, a maximum of only three victims can enter at once. Heart still not racing? Give our "Forever Alone" experience a try where you enter the attraction all by yourself! Are you ready to take a horrifyingly quaint and up close and personal stroll through this heart stopping Valentine's Nightmare? Get your tickets now.  


Tickets and Admission Information


Maximum Group Size: Please note that during our "Cupids Curse" event that the maximum group size to enter the attraction is THREE GUESTS PER GROUP. In an effort to create a heart stopping and exciting Valentine's experience, we must insist that no groups larger than parties of three enter the attraction at one time.  Listed below are our ticketing options which allow individual tickets to be purchased, parties of two, and parties of three to be purchased as well. Please assure that if you would like to enter with a specific group that you select the "Couples Pass"  or " Third Wheel" pass. For the thrill seekers we also offer our "Forever Alone" pass which allows guests to enter the attraction one person at a time for a total heart throbbing experience. 

Extended Wait Times: During this event please anticipate longer than usual wait times to enter the attraction. This event is an immersive and more personal experience. In order for us to achieve that we have limited our group size as well as slowed the rate of entry to do our very best at keeping each group as separated as possible during this event. 

Limited Tickets Available: This event WILL SELL OUT. Due to the nature of our Cupid's Curse event, we can only accommodate a limited amount of guests each night as group sizes are smaller and length between entry is extended. To be sure that you will get your tickets to this brand new and exciting Valentine's event, buy your tickets now.  

Dates and Times 

Cupid's Curse is a TWO NIGHT ONLY special Valentine's event. 

Dates of Operation - Friday February 16th and Saturday February 17th

Times of Operation - Gates open at 7pm on both nights of operation and close at midnight. Please be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before close to assure entry . 

Open Rain or Shine - Cupid's Curse at HauntedWeb is an in a ALL IN DOORS, haunted attraction in safe and secure location. 

Ticketing Options 

$20.00 - Blind Date Pass (Ticket Admits ONE Guest) - The "Blind Date Pass" admits one victim to our Cupid's Curse Valentine's haunt. This pass is great for folks that may need a single ticket. Please note that during this event our maximum group size is three individuals per group. What a great way to make new friends and meet new folks just in time for Valentine's Day. With this pass, you will be placed with either one or two additional guests who also hold a "Blind Date Pass from other groups (you may be split from your friends). To assure you stay with your party please select the "Couples Therapy" pass which admits two folks together or our "Third Wheel" pass which allows three folks to enter together. 

$40.00 - Couples Therapy Pass (Ticket Admits TWO Guests) - The "Couples Therapy Pass" is perfect for folks that are on a date night or just a night out with their bestie. This pass is great for two guests that want to assure they get to go in the haunt together as a group of two. With this pass no additional group members from other parties will be added to your group upon entry so you two can experience the haunt alone together with your companion, friend, or date. 

$50.00 - Forever Alone Pass (Ticket Admits ONE Guest - Enter The Attraction ALONE) - Are you brave enough to enter Cupid's Curse ALL ALONE? This pass grants one guest admission all by their lonesome. That's right., just you and the creatures of this Valentine's Day nightmare. The "Forever Alone" pass is designed for the true Valentine' thrill seeker. No groups, JUST YOU! 

$60.00 - Third Wheel Pass (Ticket Admits THREE Guests) - The "Third Wheel Pass" is perfect for folks that are on a date night or a night out with a friend and want to include a "plus one". This pass is great for three guests that want to assure they get to go in the haunt together as a group of three. With this pass no additional group members from other parties will be added to your group upon entry so you three can experience the haunt together as a group. They say there is safety in numbers. 

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